The company's history

The beginnings of our company began in 1989. At that time, the owner and founder of the company, Mr. Krzysztof Wiśniewski, took his first steps on the erotic market. The company imported erotic publications, periodicals and magazines from Germany and the Netherlands and sold them to the Polish and Russian markets.

However, it was not until 1991 that the company was founded under the current name of Lamirex, based in Babice near Warsaw. It was then that we expanded our business profile to include accessories, dolls, video cassettes and underwear. We started importing goods wholesale, establishing contacts with the most famous distributors in Europe. We were also looking for new customers and recipients throughout the country. Therefore, we can proudly say that we are one of the pioneers of the erotic market in Poland.

In order to get closer to the customer, we organized direct sales, taking care of the distribution and logistics process ourselves. Thanks to stable and attractive prices and professional service, we have constantly increased the number of satisfied customers.

In 1997, we moved to a new headquarters in Łomianki near Warsaw, where we are to this day. Over a dozen years of activity have provided us with a lot of experience and excellent knowledge of the industry. As one of the three wholesalers operating in Poland, we quickly gained many regular customers and occupied a significant part of the erotic market in Poland.

In 2003, we focused on opening our own, large, well-stocked and professionally stocked stationary stores. Currently, we already have ten salons with lingerie and erotic accessories under the common name Venus. We are successively planning to open new ones in the largest Polish cities.

Appreciating the significance and importance of the Internet market, at the end of 2007 we opened our first online store, where we offer our entire range of goods, consisting of over twenty-five thousand items. Currently, we have several different online stores with various erotic themes, ranging from lingerie, through a shoe store, to sado maso accessories.

A large variety of assortment, competitive prices, many years of experience and customer orientation are the features that make Lamirex one of the leaders of the erotic market in Poland.

We hope that the satisfaction of our customers will be a constant stimulus to open new stores, introduce a wider range of products and constantly improve our services.

For many years, we have been trying to raise the level of our services, keep our prices competitive, and constantly expand our product range.
And your contentment and satisfaction has always been our greatest reward.

Lamirex S.C.

Krzysztof Wiśniewski, Iwona Kozłowska

Warszawska 26 street
05-092 Łomianki

telephone: +48/22/250 00 25
NIP EU: PL5271008157
REGON: 011994584
Bank account: CitiBank Warszawa
34 1030 0019 0109 8530 0001 6874

The company is registered at the Town and Commune Office of Łomianki under registration number 7600


We want to keep up with the development of global markets so that the products and services we provide are at the highest level.

The main goal and foundation of our development are close ties with customers. They inspire us, share their dreams and desires with us. We respond to their needs by offering the highest quality products. We provide our clients with the security of the right choice and satisfaction with the decision made. All our activities are focused on the customer and his needs. This means that we strive to maintain lasting relationships with our Partners, and we build trust by listening carefully and satisfying even the most sophisticated tastes.

We are convinced that the constant pursuit of the above-mentioned goals will bring us and our contractors many benefits.

Vision and Development

Our goal is to consistently increase the market value of the company through long-term development.

We want to implement it by building strong ties on the European market, tightening relations with our regular partners (suppliers), as well as establishing cooperation with new, dynamically developing companies in Europe and in the world. We strive for perfection by focusing on the areas of our key competences, professional service, excellent quality of goods and a wide range of products offered, while strictly controlling logistics processes.

We hope that the expansion of the sales network, based in the case of stationary stores on the ability to select the best locations, the versatility of the assortment and professional, reliable service, will allow us to take a permanent position on the dynamically developing domestic market.

Observing the rapidly developing Internet market, we will make every effort to maintain the same standards and professionalism in online sales, which have guided us for years, striving for perfect customer service, instant shipment and maintaining favorable and competitive prices to the satisfaction of our customers.